My body belongs to me

Keep your children informed. Keep yourself informed! Talk in your congregation and emphasize that everyone is responsible to protect children.

The biggest value of this video is in educating and empowering children. It’s a great way to have a conversation with your child about private body parts of everyone. Thus, speak with your children about risks of abuse and tell them the clear correct words how to speak about he issue. Encourage them to talk with parents and teachers.

– Lucas –

* * *

Directed by: Josh Franer

Illustrated and Animated by: Shawn Feeney

Written By: Jill Starishevsky

Produced by: Josh Franer, Brick Wall Management, Jill Starishevsky

Executive Producers: Josh Franer, Michael Solomon & Rishon Blumberg (

Voice Over: Rainen Solomon

Music: Auto Happy, Super Damage Points, You’re All I Need
By Slow Runner ( & Michael Flynn
Courtesy of Primary Wave Music Publishing

For questions or comments email bwmgmt (at)

*        *        *

Read more:

Church of England makes Chichester child abuse apology. BBC News 7.7.2013.

Conservative Laestadians Confirm Pedophile Suspicions. YLE 7.4.2011.

Delegates at Lutheran synod unofficially discuss child abuse. Helsingin Sanomat 4.5.2010.

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Finnish Christian sect reveals pedophilia cases. The Guardian (UK)  7.4.2011.

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Katja Kuokkanen: All-powerful leader dominates. Helsingin Sanomat 12.1.2010.

Katja Kuokkanen: Incest victim of Laestadian preacher tries to piece his childhood together. Helsingin Sanomat 12.1.2010.

Key figure in Laestadian movement sentenced to prison. Helsingin Sanomat 29.9.2010.

Laestadians admit mistakes in dealing with child abuse issue. Helsingin Sanomat 11.4.2011.   

Lucas: Conservative Laestadians admit serious mistakes in dealing with child abuse issue – trust is gone in SRK

“Mea Maxima Culpa”: New Doc Exposes Horror of Catholic Child Sex Abuser and Heroism of His Victims. Democracy Now 13.11.2012.

Mark Nicol: ’I was raped by leader of Exclusive Brethren’: Shock testimony from man who  alleges he was abused as child by ’Big Jim’ Taylor rocks church’s claim to  charitable status. Daily Mail 27.1.2013.

Tommi Nieminen: The sinners’ circle. Helsingin Sanomat 1.5.2010.

Christos &Mary Papoutsy:  A Call for a Reporting Policy on Sexual Abuse in the orthodox Church.

Religion and Child Abuse News: An archive of news items related to child abuse or neglect, or infringement of children’s rights, in a religious context.

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Jussi Rosendahl: Finnish church group reports child abuse over 30 yrs. Reuters 8.4.2011.

Sexual abuse scandal in Catholic archdiocese of Milwaukee. Wikipedia.

Paul Walsh: Minnetonka church volunteer gets a year in jail for having sex with teen. (OALC Laestadian group.) Star Tribune 20.7.2010.

Irina Vähäsarja: Shedding light on child abuse among the Laestadians. Helsingin Sanomat 17.4.2011.


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