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The Power of Nature, the Desire for Understanding

Pekka Luukkola: The Mo[nu]ment (2010)

God, or Nature; Nature, or God

Nature is everything. There is mass, energy, atoms, molecules, life, plants, animals, thought, people, human consciousness, intellectual activities and konwledge, science, violence, religions and entertainment, art, societies, galaxies and perhaps even multiple universes.

There is nothing outside nature, including spiritual visions and other phenomena we don’t yet understand, and science doesn’t give any explanations. If they exist, they are part of nature. Whatever it exists, it is part of nature and under the nature’s law and order. This clear understanding can be reached by the a Jewish-Dutch philosopher Benedictus (Baruch) Spinoza (1632 – 1667).

Spinoza was excommunicated from his …Lue koko artikkeli…


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